“Preemies Today has been a great resource for me and a wonderful place to connect with other people who completely understand what it’s like to have a premature child and the struggles that follow. It’s nice to be reassured you aren’t alone- there’s always someone there who is dealing with the same issue as you or has in the past. I also find that the parent match up program is an excellent tool. It makes me feel like I am turning a terrifying experience into something positive by helping make someone else’s journey a little easier by offering support and sharing stories with them during and after their NICU roller coaster ride. Thank you Preemies Today!” –Christy

“I am so appreciative of the Preemies Today NICU Baby Shower.  It really helped me feel like a real mom.  I had nothing for my son and found the clothes to be so helpful!” -- NICU Mom

“The Preemies Today lecture series made a real difference in our lives. We learned strategies that got Nicole talking at 24 months after a 7-month lapse, were able to better address many of her sensory issues, and got her to sleep through the night for the first time in 2 years. For these and so many other things, we are eternally grateful.” – Margaret

“Until I met with some other mothers through Preemies Today, I felt alone in the complicated feelings I had, dealing with my preemie/NICU daughter.  Even though our circumstances were different, we shared the unique feelings and some experiences that come with having a preemie and being in the NICU.  It was a great comfort for me to hear this, and sharing our stories with each other brought me the validation I had been looking for since my daughter's birth.” – Erin

“A few months back I needed some help myself, late in my 2nd pregnancy, relating to PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder].  I worked with a counselor who you recommended and I wanted to thank you for your very kind support at the time.  Our son arrived at 38 weeks, full term and healthy, and it was quite a different birthing experience this go around.  I am so grateful to have had the chance to process and move on from all the emotions and fears I was carrying around from my preemie experience with my first pregnancy. Thanks again for all your support that you provide to mothers like me!!” – Amy, mom to 31 week twins

“I joined Preemies Today a year after my daughter was born.  The organization was a godsend for my family.  Finally people could relate to what I had been going through.  The emotional rollercoaster was quelled by compassionate, caring individuals who had been there.  Through social gatherings and events, I have grown to count on Preemies Today as an extended family.  Out of a tough beginning, my family has formed friendships and a social circle that we needed.  As my daughter gets older, I have often sought advice from older PT members who have been an immense help as I navigate the school system.” -- Kathleen mom to a former 25 weeker

“So there I was struggling with a loss of one twin while visiting our surviving twin in the NICU, born at 24 weeks. I felt alone, full of many emotions and lost in space. I found Preemies Today about 4 months after the birth....and my journey changed incredibly. I started to feel understood, connected and again, slowly, comfortable meeting new people. It changed my experience forever !!!!!” -- Georgie